Friday, 29 July 2016

I suppose I should start this again as we are soon to be approaching our holiday when we can just relax.  Sarah and I are off next weekend flying to New York and then on down to Orlando.  Am a little nervous about driving over there as it is the first time for many years..... well since the children were born.I am sure that it will be fine.  Our tickets are all booked, our seats are selected and the information booklet is filled with photocopies etc.  Looks like we are nearly there.  Still have a week to do bits and pieces.  Have sorted out the spending money, doesn't look like the exchange rate is going to improve much now so might as well get on with it.  Let us hope that Daniel remembers to bring all that he needs to as he and Maria are flying out the following Wednesday and Martin the following Saturday.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

A review of photos - photography course complete.

Just a few of my favourites from the course.  It has made me more confident with my camera now and I look forward to taking many more.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Another Summer Holiday Trip Planned.

Off I go again with details of my holiday to record for posterity, another place to keep a record of our trips, another place to see how faces have changed over the years.  Martin has headed off to work, Sarah is still asleep and our visitor, Bobbie is asleep too.  Heard that saying.....let sleeping dogs lie.  

Well we have another few days before we set off for our adventure in "The Big Apple", followed by a trip to the "Sunshine State".  Bags are not packed yet but let us just say that clothes are stacked in piles ready to make their way into the suitcases which are lined up on standby. Toiletries have been purchased and sun cream stowed. I should even say some planning has been done for the return to school.  One member of the New York trip has not yet returned from his journey around Europe, he will returning tonight with a request for me to meet him at the airport with a sausage roll and a box of salt and vinegar pringles - don't you just love 'em?  He has visited Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Venice, Budapest and a host of other places.  His room has remained clean and tidy for the past few weeks - amazing!  Just enough time for him to come home and untidy it, have his clothes washed, sleep and repack before we are off.

Sarah in the meantime has been dog walking, pet sitting, cow herding etc - all the things that you do if you are Sarah.  I have been going on a trip with her now and again when it comes to walking Jack and Lucy with any visiting dogs.  Florence was the biggest challenge as she was a Burmese mountain dog and was quite a big young lady although she could be referred to as a gentle giant who had a love of muddy water along with Lucy the lab.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

New York, New York

Finally the day arrived when we were off to the Big Apple.  Taxi duly turned up at the door earlier than expected but no objections as we were all ready for the off.  Cases were loaded and we started our journey.  Apparently the M25 was not good so taxi driver decided to take us a very scenic route which meant we ended up seeing a lot of the Sussex and Surrey countryside down many little side roads.  Very picturesque I have to say, we eventually came out near to Wisley and then hopped on to the M25 there. Before long and with a few traffic jams behind us we ended up at Terminal 5.  Check in was very smooth, security was fine apart from Sarah needed a body scan and she had a "dodgy" left foot.  All was well though and we were through in good time and headed for the lounge.

A trip to London and off to Saigon

I had written this the other day and for some reason, perhaps down to me, it had not saved, so shall we try again?

Mum came to stay for the weekend and we decided that as Daniel was away enjoying traipsing around Europe that we would have a girlie weekend and a visit to London.  Sarah was plodding the fields with Lucy and Jack in the morning so we set off about 2ish to catch a train up to London for the afternoon and evening.  We had arranged chauffeur services back from the station when we arrive home late at night - Martin!  

Arriving in London we headed to Covent Garden as Sarah wanted to visit the Magnum shop - she decided against it when she saw the queue heading out of the door and around the block...............  Now magnums are lovely but there is only a certain amount of time that you want to stand outside in the heat for an ice cream.  Today was not going to be that day.

We decided that as we hadn't had lunch we would eat earlyish so we would then have plenty of time to have a look around before our visit.  We settled on Cafe Rouge courtesy of Tesco clubcard with the total bill coming to £13.00 for drinks.  Not bad at all.  I do love my clubcard points and have had a few trips out recently.

Suitably fed and watered we decided to head out for a walk along the River and caught the tube down to Embankment, walked across Hungerford Bridge and then onto the Festival Hall where toilets could be found  - a benefit of taking 30 children up to London, you remember where the toilets are located!  

It was a lovely afternoon, the sun was shining and there were lots of people around just enjoying the sunshine.  We did a spot of people watching from the bridge, looked at the sights of the riverbank and had a sit down at the Festival Hall watching and listening to the Clapping concert that was going on...... can't say I was inspired at all by people standing around clapping their hands but whatever people enjoy.  Mum and Sarah were more intrigued by some guys on the lower floor moving a mannequin around and recording the movements.  I appreciate that it is a place for the arts and you are likely to see some strange sights......  Oh well it kept us entertained for a while.

We took a stroll along the river bank heading back towards the station and walking on the other side of the bridge so as to see the other view of the river.  A good evening to walk and peruse the sights.

Heading back to theatre land we arrived ready to have a sit down and enjoy Miss Saigon.  An exceptional show, thoroughly enjoyable and a lovely evening for the three of us to share.  

Arriving home fairly late Martin was there to pick us up and take us home.  Foot weary we all headed off to bed as we had had a great day.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Anniversary Games

A trip back to the Olympic stadium for Sarah and I to watch the Anniversary games.  We travelled up to London and enjoyed a picnic lunch courtesy of M & S at the side of the canal before going into the stadium.

 Fairly empty when we arrived so were able to sit there and watch the mens' pole vault competition.

 Abby and Julie are there seated over here.  Looks like Julie has already been deserted.

 The lonely job inspecting the board and raising the flags.

 Jessica Ennis Hill - what a lovely lady

 Sarah really enjoyed watching one of her long jumping favourites.

 The GB Youth Team - our sports stars of the future

 Greg Rutherford - practice jump

Have to say I was really impressed by the amount of time Greg Rutherford gave to the crowd, he was signing autographs and chatting to people for ages.  Very approachable for many of the children and adults alike.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Going Downtown

Sarah had planned a tad more shopping for this morning as we ambled down to Downtown Disney. There was method in our madness as we knew that with all the construction work it was difficult to park there at the moment as Disney rebrand this area.  Yes there was a lot of work going on and I am sure it will look great when it is finished but we managed to park without too many problems at all.  Perhaps because we were there at about 10.30 just as some of the shops were opening.

We hadn't come to buy anything in particular so another time to chillax and walk along by the lake looking at the water taxis and all the other sights that I have read about.
 Cirque Du Soleil 
 House of Blues
 The Disney Balloon
 View Across the Lake
 Raglan Road

And more of these will be appearing on a street near you.

A lovely walk there this morning even with the hoardings up.  Sarah decided she loved the colour they were painted - a pastel green.

Finally we arrived at the shops where we needed to have a little splurge....... Basin to start with.  I bought some body cream here last year and it was lovely so bought a little more to top up supplies.  By the time we had finished sniffing and smelling and made our purchases we had two bored looking male folk with us.

Next stops was the Disney store.   I love looking around these.  They make our Disney stores look very poor indeed.  Daniel left the place with a mug in the design of Mickey's trousers....Sarah left with a t shirt and I left with another pin......just to add to my collection.  In the summer the Disney shops are always our place of refuge from the summer heat because of the air conditioning or at least that is what we tell each other...... Perhaps not so.

Ice cream at Ghiradelli's was next on the agenda.  This morning's choice was Sea Salted Caramel Sundae and a Butterscotch Sundae.

 You could actually taste the salt in the caramel - delicious and amazingly Sarah could hardly finish hers today which was a real surprise.
Well worth a visit!

After filling our faces another little walk was needed.

Straight across to the Lego Store where a few purchases of some Lego key rings were made. Nothing too expensive today as Sarah and Daniel have slightly grown out of the need for Lego but not too old to have a Lego key ring or two.  I do like the creatures outside of the store and love the dragon.

Time to go back to the villa for a swim and some lunch with our purchases so we meandered back around the lake.
 Some of the construction work going on along the lakeside.

Water taxis resumed today.

And soon enough we found our car and came back for our swim......... and a dip in the spa to warm ourselves up as there was a bit of a chill in the air today....

They still love playing in water - nothing changes.