Saturday, 1 August 2015

New York, New York

Finally the day arrived when we were off to the Big Apple.  Taxi duly turned up at the door earlier than expected but no objections as we were all ready for the off.  Cases were loaded and we started our journey.  Apparently the M25 was not good so taxi driver decided to take us a very scenic route which meant we ended up seeing a lot of the Sussex and Surrey countryside down many little side roads.  Very picturesque I have to say, we eventually came out near to Wisley and then hopped on to the M25 there. Before long and with a few traffic jams behind us we ended up at Terminal 5.  Check in was very smooth, security was fine apart from Sarah needed a body scan and she had a "dodgy" left foot.  All was well though and we were through in good time and headed for the lounge.

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